Sales made Easy with Empor's Lead Generation Services

  • Region : PAN INDIA
  • Target Prospect : IT Decision makers with annual IT budget of US$ 50k
  • Timeframe : 0-6 Months
  • Challenge : To identify specific companies who are considering upgrading their storage systems and promote flash drives instead of conventional SSDs for maximizing performance and storage efficiency
  • Solution : Deliver a lead generation telemarketing campaign with criteria
  • Highlights : Profiled 3,000+ records & generated 455+ BANT qualified leads during the 6 months campaign logging almost INR 44 Crores worth of opportunities
  • Ultimate Results : A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in the market
    Focus on the right decision makers in each of the targeted organizations
    Improved sales team effectiveness and more targeted selling time
    More predictable revenue growth.

450+ BANT criteria-focused sales leads provided to a leading storage and data management company


  • Help a world’s leading storage and data management company to micro market its Flash Storage Solution and help in augmenting product awareness and sales enablement.
  • Target: Data Center Managers, Heads of IT, CIOs – across BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, Ecommerce, Healthcare and IT/ITES


Lead Generation

  • Building database of target audience for marketing campaign and lead generation from the same.
  • Deep Profiling basis the criteria and telecalling activity of target database, understanding customer requirements in detail using probing questions
  • Handover leads to client's IS team on a daily/weekly basis and taking weekly feedback on leads assigned.
  • Analysis of lead feedback received from the client's IS team, including tracing the number of leads closed, accepted, pending for validation and rejected leads.
  • Re-view call with client and the IS team on a weekly basis.
  • Mapping number of closed leads with number of leads accepted by client sales team to calculate the ROI for review and analysis of marketing campaign
  • Providing client with weekly, monthly reports of leads delivered to enable analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness, sales team performance and strategy planning

Content Marketing

Created and executed content marketing campaign to amplify and create awareness about the benefits of this new product- enterprise flash storage over conventional storage solutions using Direct Mailers Whatsapp Marketing & Email Marketing, Webinars leading to additional lead opportunities and deeper engagement with target customers


  • Profiled 2,843 companies across target industries and a total of 455 leads were generated and assigned to the client’s sales team. The 438 leads accepted by sales resulted in the client closing sales deals worth US$ 853,638
  • The results received from the campaign enabled the client to multiply their product sales by allowing their sales team to have a more streamlined approach.
  • The client discovered the main decision makers in each specific company it was looking for and increased the client’s brand/new product awareness within the market.
  • The feedback data collected from the campaign gave the client a clearer picture of the market. From the information collected, the client discovered prospects’ budgets and their timeframes. In addition, it provided the client with a stronger knowledge of competitors in the market and the issues prospects were experiencing with competitors’ products.