Video conferencing keeps us connected on a professional and personal level. In a time when socialisation is restricted, this form of communication is vital to decision-makers in the B2B sector. Bringing business meetings into our homes can present both challenges and advantages to our businesses and employees. Our blog highlights advice for effectively using this business tool from your home.

Key Tips

As with traditional sales and marketing, preparation before each B2B lead generation meeting is essential to ensure your team and clients gain what they need. It is good practice to separate and delegate tasks beforehand to utilise time effectively. Separate tasks into offline (outwith the meeting) and online (during the meeting) topics/tasks. This will allow participants to organise accordingly for the set topic – focussing efforts during the call or appointment. Separate meetings into key themes – Objectives, KPIs, etc. This will ensure the relevant points are discussed openly, with a focus on outcomes and actions for each participant. Highlighting the purpose of the video call, in the beginning, will also help participants focus throughout, ensuring the meeting remains on track. Assigning a moderator is another useful way of ensuring B2B video appointments follow the correct path by allowing someone to manage discussion times and topics covered.


Many factors during a video conference can lead to co-participants becoming distracted, therefore, it is crucial to minimise the risk of these potential mishaps beforehand. Before a video appointment ensure your team’s personal presentation is adequate. Ensure you are in a well-lit area where you are clearly visible, darkness or glare will cause distraction and make it difficult for others to fully engage with you. Good sound quality is imperative. Poor sound can lead to a lack of buy-in, it’s relevant across all sectors but more so with Technology, Digital Marketing etc. Dress code must be to the same standard as it is in the office to demonstrate the same respect.

Limit distractions by holding your meeting in a dedicated workspace within your home. Turn your phone and computer notifications to silent to give your undivided attention. Ensure others in your household are aware you cannot be contacted during this time and this space is off-limits to avoid interruptions. On a more technical front, for strong connection quality, we advise during your B2B appointment others in your household limit their use of broadband, providing you with the majority of your bandwidth, giving a stronger connection. During video conferencing, it can be tempting to send emails or update spreadsheets, ensure your team are aware that this is prohibited.

To get the most from video conferencing you must treat it with the same regard as a face to face sales or marketing meeting. Much like a face to face meeting arrive (sign in) early. While travel may no longer be an issue, people continue to work to deadlines, therefore, it is key you remain within your time slot.


Preparation is key to allowing strong communication during a B2B video appointment conference call, it is essential for your personal presentation (lighting etc.) is adequate to limit distractions. Meanwhile ensuring you have conducted the relevant research beforehand will maximise time, keep the meeting on track and allow it to run smoothly.

Remember the rules around broadband and workspace if you are working from home. It’s essential you deliver a professional platform for the conversation to evolve.

Forbes found 62% of executives believed video appointment setting heightens communication quality – in an efficient and cost-effective way. This method encourages stronger engagement and improves learnings and socialising due to the interactive elements it provides.